About Us

We are a group of lifelong gaming fans who decided to turn that love into an active participation in the gaming industry.

Rob L. and Steve R. (a.k.a. The Taskmaster) have known each other for years through Rob’s gaming store, Rivendell Books & Games in Rehoboth, MA, and a shared love of board, card and role-playing games.

James M. (a.k.a. The Gamebreaker) came into the fold through Rob and Steve R. as a fellow collectible card game fan and board gamer.

James F., a friend & customer at Rivendell,  joined the team in late 2017. James has designed & developed the game Mission to Planet Hexx over the past few years.

Back in Fall of 2013 Steve R. presented his idea for a card game to Rob and Steve P. to develop. with a goal of having a working prototype ready to present to friends at Total Con 2015. Despite the ups and downs that come with designing a game from scratch they had not only one, but two prototype games ready to play test at Total Con.  The Kickstarter for Master of Spies ran successfully in 2017!

The Kickstarter for our newest game, Sundae Drivers, will go live in August of 2018. Several more projects are in the works as well!

(More info to come)

Games are made here