Projects & Products

Here’s some of the games we’re currently working on:

Sundae Drivers:

Sundae Drivers is a quick, fun card game about running your errands so you can take the family out for ice cream, while doing your best to avoid careless drivers and ever-changing weather conditions! Sundae Drivers is for 2-4 players and only takes about 15-20 minutes to play. Kickstarter coming soon!

Project Lightning Sword (working title):

This is a more in-depth card game for 2 players that can take 40-50 minutes to play. Each player has one of the important strongholds in Eldinmoor that they are trying to defend while raising armies to destroy their opponents. Each player will have a selection of 60+ cards to build a play deck of 40 cards made up of troops, fortifications, siege engines, hexes, and unique characters. Will you smash the enemy’s stronghold and bring home a victory for your Faction, or will you lose one of the shining jewels in your kingdom’s line of defenses?

Play-testing is still in its early stages for this game.

Stuff we’ve got in Development:

Master of Cultists:

This will be a Lovecraftian “re-skin” of Master of Spies, with a new scoring mechanic and players acting as cultists trying to summon the old gods and the investigators who are desperate to stop them.

The Bridgewater Triangle:

A board game based on the legends of the Hockomock Swamp in southeast Massachusetts and the three cities that the old haunted swamp sits between, with Abington, Rehoboth and Freetown, MA on its points, Can you face a night in the swamp and survive against the pukwudgies, thunderbirds, the Bridgewater Bigfoot, and the Native American curse that looms over the place since the King Phillip’s War?


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